Hello! ;-)


I need a good graphics designer

to make me a simple animated image I could use on the web.

Offer expires Sept 7th. Will pay any reasonable amount to compensate the effort.

1. Understand basic principles of Google Material Design 
2. Willing to tolerate my very chaotic personality and bear with me 

3. Ideally can start working today, straight away.

Now about the gig 

I need a company logo.

I really like idea of quantum paper (material design) and I saw those beautiful paper cogs and I would like You to make a few fairly simple ones based on design principles above.

Cogs need to transition from one to another, like a spinning wheel - it shows one cog, spins fast (blurs), stops, shows next and cycles through them.

Please see attached image. Should be enough to understand me.




Mail: tmanager@gmail.com , Skype: andytsh


Thank you for your time and have a great weekend!

Sincerely Yours, Andris Zariņ